Peter Donkersloot

Peter Donkersloot
Peter Donkersloot was born on April 8, 1959 in Arnhem. Immediately after his studies, the creative genius in the making dived into the freelance world as an illustrator. That did not satisfy him, however. He wanted to express his creativity in a more intense way. Therefore, he started painting as a hobby. When he had to choose between his current job and following his passion at the end of 1987, he didn’t hesitate for a second. He decided to follow his artistic heart. The beautifully detailed Peter Donkersloot paintings are the result!

A Peter Donkersloot painting is especially special thanks to the layer-on-layer technique that the painter uses. Peter Donkersloot adds transparent layers to each painting, creating warmth and depth. An effect that can only be achieved with a lot of patience and knowledge. A Peter Donkersloot painting therefore brings warmth and joy into your home. But Peter Donkersloot paintings are so much more than that. Because they were often inspired by the former Hollywood, these masterpieces make you dream away!

The painter also makes beautiful paintings of landscapes and animals. These Peter Donkersloot paintings have a little more spice and are therefore real eye-catchers for your home. At CNS you will also find the exclusive Peter Donkersloot collection. Each Peter Donkersloot painting from this line is a limited edition. That means it’s only made eight times. When you bring a Peter Donkersloot masterpiece into your home, you are the proud owner of a unique work of art that you can’t get enough of!

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