Paul Raats

Paul Raats
Paul Raats is a Dutch artist from Eindhoven, he is creating a new kind of artworks to boost luxury interiors. After more than 15 years of experience as a professional photographer, in which he worked for major brands and with famous top athletes, Paul Raats fell further and further in love with creating artistic content and working on non-standard materials. Something he first applied to top athletes and landed a nice project for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. As of June 2022, he is every day busy with new work for the art scene.

He loves to create the uncreated, his own unique content combined with his own materials, to blend the content on. It results in a fascinating experience seeing the artworks in real. Blends can now be seen on checker plate, designer wallpaper, patchwork carpets, and CNC milled wood. He, therefore, created his own footprint in the art world. Nice for him is not good enough but “Wow” is the league he wants to play in every day. His dream is to sell his work worldwide and make people happy in their own interiors with his special works.

Meeting new people, visiting new countries, learning and accepting new cultures, talking about art, discovering new materials and patterns by traveling makes him very happy and is the lifeline to keep going.

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