When you fixate your eye on a work of art from DJOR, you will discover something new every time. A DJOR painting has many layers. It is a kaleidoscope of text and images, created to intrigue the mind of any art lover.
“Actually, every work has a story, emotion and parting with a work always feels strange and unnatural …………., but satisfied and reassured when it is appreciated and has found its place in a new owner” DJOR
DJOR graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam, but is a Haarlemmer through and through. His talent could not go unnoticed for long, as he brought creation after creation into the world. Due to his growing fame, more and more enthusiasts have the opportunity to appreciate his art. DJOR paintings are all unique specimens, which provide an artistic and industrial note to the space. At the same time, vintage should not be missing from the artistic mix. More than once Marvel, comics, 80’s TV and series are a striking part of DJOR paintings.
Because he artfully merges several worlds in a DJOR painting, it appeals to a large audience. Generation Y will admire the industrial side of the story, while generation X feels connected to the superheroes or 80s, which bring nostalgia. In this way, a DJOR painting closes the generation gap. Whether an art lover prefers modern or classic, the artistic results of this Haarlem artist speak a timeless language. The texts or templates of the paintings add extra value to each copy. Not only do they offer literal depth, but they also express an underlying message; sometimes it is an inspiring quote.
Of course, the color palette cannot be overlooked. The popping, generally monochromatic colors appeal to the imagination. At the same time they scream for attention. These works of art are not background noise, they are eye-catchers that like to be the center of attention.

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