Carla Cinciripi

Carla Cinciripi
Carla Cinciripi (1of1 by Carla) was born in Rome on 23 April 1998.

Since childhood, she has been feeling a strong artistic vocation and a great passion for fashion, her family collecting vintage luxury handbags. For many years, she has sought her way in the art world through experimentation: cutting clothes, painting on canvas, writing…

She had the click in 2019 by attending a fashion school. She was influenced by the artistic currents of the early 2000s and acquired her own unique romantic pop style.

Carla brings luxury handbags to life by creating these leather roses, transforming the ephemerity of a rose into eternity. His creations are diverse.

They are magnified in heart-shaped boxes, covered with vintage canvases, or made from limited edition clothing.

His works are such as jewelry, precious works all in elegance, femininity and refinement.

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