Art By Son

Art by son
Art by Son is the stage name of Cani (pronounced Sonny). Cani was born on May 16, 1986 in Mitrovica, Kosovo. As a small boy, Cani fled to the Netherlands in 1992 with his family. Cani always loved to draw, but it wasn’t until he was twenty-five that he really started doing something with it. He drew portraits and designed tattoos. He soon developed a very personal style that you can now clearly see in the Art by Son paintings.

Cani takes inspiration for an Art by Son painting and Art by Son sculpture from popular culture. For example, Art by Son paintings can be recognized by their characteristic drawing style. He uses acrylic paint in which the subject is framed as a cartoon character with black lines. Every Art by Son painting is colorful and pops off the canvas. The combination of different images in one work makes it unique and timeless. You always discover something new in the art of Art by Son.

This also applies to the Art by Son images. Just like the paintings, Art by Son sculptures are provided with all kinds of cheerful colors and images. Popular icons such as cartoon characters and colorful designers are the inspiration for Art by Son. However, the canvas is a three-dimensional object. This creates a special Art by Son image, which will appeal to many. And it gives a lot of color.

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