Remy Aillaud

Rémy Aillaud
Rémy Aillaud was born in 1987. At that time, the world was in the midst of technological change (and still is today). These technological changes are the basis of Rémy Aillaud’s images, his fantasy, and the popular culture he perceives around him.

Sculpture is in Remy’s blood. It’s also the best way to bring your love of robotics to life. Each Rémy Aillaud statue is unique, even if they look alike. Rémy Aillaud’s sculptures are often made of motorcycle parts. The engines are made from the best materials and designed by prestigious industrial designers. Perfect for a Rémy Aillaud image. By turning parts and putting them together differently, they suddenly become a statue with arms, heads, and busts.

Rémy Aillaud naturally selects the parts that best draw a human silhouette, such as the fuel tank, the headlights, and the engine pistons. Rémy Aillaud makes more than human figures from motorcycle parts. This way it also creates smaller images. Each Rémy Aillaud sculpture has something to do with the current era in terms of logos in combination with technology. Rockets, for example, with logos of well-known companies. Or an ax with a Louis Vuitton-inspired print. And what about the different versions of dynamite? Rémy Aillaud’s sculptures always appeal to the imagination and give your interior an intriguing art object to talk about.

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