Ghost Art

Ghost Art
Ghost Art is mysterious, resourceful and anything but mundane. Behind every Ghost Art painting and Ghost Art statue there is a story, which you can discover for yourself. Who makes the paintings and sculptures is also a mystery. All we know is that he was born in 1985 in Tilburg. Like a ghost, the artist brings images and paintings to life. The theme of the Ghost Art paintings and Ghost Art sculptures is ‘Money makes the world go round’.

A Ghost Art painting consists of different techniques where Ghost Art uses traditional materials. Money plays a permanent role in all works. The banknotes in different color combinations form the basis of these works. They sometimes seem to protrude from the panel. This ensures that the Ghost Art paintings remain intriguing to look at. Because the paintings are 3D, they almost look like sculptures.

The Ghost Art images offer yet another view of money. Famous logos such as Ferrari, Louis Vuitton and Rolex adorn the various objects. Teddy bears, money bags, large watchdogs and other powerful animals form the canvas for the logos and banknotes we are used to from Ghost Art. The fire extinguishers in his collection are very special. A necessary object that thanks to this artist becomes an object that you want to look at. But every Ghost Art statue requires attention and that makes them very popular in every interior.

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