Roy Van Der Laars

Roy Van Der Laars
Roy had worked as a graphic designer for many years, but eventually he discovered his passion for modern art. He decided to fully focus on this style and began to delve into it. Because of his experience as a graphic designer, he already had a lot of knowledge about working with different materials and techniques, but now he wanted to apply this to modern art.

To begin his creative process, Roy always started his work in Photoshop. He used this program to shape his ideas and determine the composition of his works. Then, he set to work choosing the right materials and colors to bring his designs to life. It was important to him to find the right balance between color, shape, and texture.

Roy found inspiration in nature and often traveled to the most beautiful places in the world to create new designs. He took his laptop everywhere and worked on his artwork on location. He loved experimenting with different materials, such as paint, wood, metal, and epoxy. By combining these materials, he created unique works of art that reflected his own style.

Roy regularly exhibited his work in galleries and participated in art fairs around the world. He loved sharing his work with others and getting feedback from people who admired his artwork. He hoped his work would inspire others and show them how much beauty there is in the world.

All in all, Roy was very happy to have discovered his passion for modern art. It enabled him to unleash his creativity and develop his own style. He looked forward to creating many more new designs and continuing to grow as an artist.

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