Jules Holland

Jules Holland
As an artist, I am deeply passionate about creating art that challenges the viewer and provokes thought. My work is rooted in the traditions of pop art and contemporary art, but with a unique twist that reflects my personal experiences and perspective. I draw inspiration from my background in an art-oriented family, as well as my surroundings in Holland. My goal is to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable and to create pieces that spark conversation and debate. Through my art, I aim to engage and inspire others to think ritically about the world around them.

Bakemono (化け物) literally means “that thing that is always changing, shapeshifting or transforming. It finds its history in Japanese folklore and it is suspended between the mundane and the miraculous.

House Of Bakemono colors outside of the lines of the norm.

We simply Don’t Give A Fuck.

Our collection is inspired by traveling the world and visiting the most beautiful, dark, and cringy places. After working on projects in Amsterdam, Bangkok and Monaco, Jules Poels and Hennie Hendriks decided to combine forces and create their beautiful collection.

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